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Latest psychology articles

Mari Beukes

The difference between empathy and sympathy

Clinical Psychologist and consultant Mari Beukes explores the difference between empathy and sympathy. She clears up the confusion between these two and explores their different effects in human relationships. Read more here

Eleen Polson

Expressive Arts therapy group for kids

Pretoria Counselling psychologist Eleen Polson runs Expressive Arts Therapy groups for children. What is expressive arts therapy and how can it benefit is the subject of her latest article for psychotherapy.co.za. Read more here or contact Eleen through her profile.

Children in psychotherapy

Should I be worried? How do I know if my child needs to see a psychologist?

Joalida Smit is a Clinical Psychologist and Child Neuropsychologist in Noordhoek on the Cape Peninsula. In this insightful piece she offers a practical 3 step guide to thinking like a psychologist for parents who are wondering if their child might benefit from seeing a therapist. Read more here or contact Joalida through her professional profile on psychotherapy.co.za.

Yoav van Heerden - Psychologist in Cape Town

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the hunt for mushrooms

Cape Town Clinical Psychologist Yoav Van der Heyden writes about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and of course the hunt for mushrooms. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that focuses on developing psychological flexibility as a means of gaining greater wellbeing. Read the full text of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the hunt for mushrooms here or visit Yoav Van der Heyden's profile here.

JAne van der Riet

Chasing Perfection

Jane van der Riet, a Clinical Psychologist in Rosebank Cape Town, comments on the myriad of messages we receive about ‘improving ourselves’, which can lead to us feeling not good enough in a range of different ways.  Contrary to the idea that psychotherapy is about ‘fixing’ or ‘getting rid of’ our inadequacies, she suggests that we need to take time to understand where these feelings come from, seek experiences of compassion and acceptance of our unwanted parts from others, and allow ourselves to be humanly flawed. Read Chasing Perfection here or visit Jane's profile here.

David Wilson

Self Esteem and Narcissism: Self-concept, Dependency, and the Role of Psychotherapy

Johannesburg and Limpopo based Clinical Psychologist David Wilson writes about Narcissim in socio-cultural context. He differentiates between self regard and Narcissism and speaks about the role of psychotherapy. Read Self Esteem and Narcissism here or browse David's profile here.

Dai Heyne

Why choose psychotherapy What’s the point?

Dai Heyne, Clinical Psychologist and Core Process psychotherapist in Cape Town poses this pithy question and offers some relationally and experientially focused ideas. Visit Dai's profile here or read the full text of Why choose psychotherapy? here.

Bill Petrie

Accept It!

Bill Petrie from the The Centre for Authentic Living Blog writes that mind is at the heart of our suffering and makes the case for mindful acceptance of ourselves and our lives. Read the full article here.

Career Counselling: Reiniventing yourself at work. Navigate your way through career transitions

Beverley Whitehead is an Industrial and Organisational psychologist specialising in career counselling in Cape Town. She writes, " Our life and work commitments are seldom static. Our need for growth and development, experience of work-related stress, finding ways to express ourselves authentically, adjusting to major life transitions or simply the natural passage through life (and family) stages invites voluntary and regular renewals of career commitments and directions to accommodate our preferences and the demands of each life chapter." Read the full article here .

Taming the mad mind

Taming the mad monkey mind

"There is no doubt that while the mind is infinitely capable of producing great beauty through its capacity to create and relate, when left to it’s own devices it has a tendency to gorge itself. Whether it be on repetitive rumination, projecting itself ceaselessly into the future, or into the past, the result is that many minds are incapable of being present in the present" writes Clinical Psychologist Jamie Elkon. Read the full text of Taming the mad monkey mind here.

Addictive substances

Metaphors of addiction: The cat that got the dancing fiddle

Lana Levin is a Clinical Psychologist practising in Highlands North, Johannesburg. She describes the physiological and behavioural process of addiction, through the use of metaphor. She highlights the interplay between neurological and behavioural process, such that addiction is an everyday, undiscriminating struggle. Medical professionals are as much at risk as anyone else. View Lana Levin’s profile here and read her article Metaphors of addiction: The cat that got the dancing fiddle here


Psychotherapy and Psychiatry - Mind and Body: Dualism or a Dynamic Synthesis

Johannesburg clinical psychologist David Wilson writes "My initial idea was to present a seemingly simple set of arguments and basic ideas for an article to illustrate the challenges of integrating psychological practises with advancing medical and biological technologies. Between this idea and the process of writing this article, I soon realised, with some trepidation, that many complexities and paradoxes exist and need to be identified and tolerated, rather than being reduced to simplistic polemical platitudes." Read Psychotherapy and Psychiatry - Mind and Body here.

A person

A theory of personhood

Cheryl Pruss is a clinical psychologist in Randburg. Here she offers us a critical and evaluative account of her view of personhood and how it impacts her understanding of optimal functioning and the process of psychotherapy. Read A theory of personhood here.


Suicide - The final say

Jenny Perkel, Cape Town Clinical Psychologist and author of Babies in Mind and Streets of Jewels, provides insight into suicide. She writes -.Carmen was 30 years old. She was beautiful, intelligent and successful and surrounded by people who loved her. But a few months ago she took a fatal overdose that left her friends, colleagues and family reeling with shock. “Why did she do it?” they all asked. Well, she’s not around to answer their question. By ending her life she had the final say. And those who knew her and cared about her are left behind with their unanswered questions, and a large dose of confusion, pain, regret, guilt and anger. Read the full article here or visit Jenny Perkels web site.


The Beast that purred like a kitten - There is hope in depression

Cape Town counselling Psychologist Jacques Taylor has a special interest in working with depression. He writes, " why not start by looking at what our bodies are trying to tell us amidst the stressor that impacts on our life. What can you learn about yourself amidst this stressful time? How can you grow as a person despite what life is throwing at you? You need to seriously ask yourself these challenging questions. These aren’t easy questions to answer, not by a long yard." Read The beast the purred like a kitten: There is hope in depression here or read more about Jacques Taylor.


The Black Dog of Depression

Regular contributor Jamie Elkon presents a layman's guide to depression, how to assess it and what therapeutic treatment options are available. Jamie is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Cape Town. His practice is in the CBD. Read The Black Dog of Depression here.

Couple therapy

Love's great Service: Thoughts and a case vignette of couple therapy

David van der Want is a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in couple and marriage therapy. He writes, "Very often pain that is being experienced in a marriage is the smarting of an earlier wound, perhaps a wound we acquired as a child in the marriage that created us. And where this is the case a similar process is usually happening for our partner – the pain that he or she is experiencing is the activation of an old wound, a long-ago experience that happened to another person, to the children that we once were." Read Love's great Service: Thoughts and a case vignette of Couple Therapy here.


What is Core Process Psychotherapy? And what does it mean to me?

Susan Groves is a Social Worker in private practice in Plumstead, Cape Town. Susan has a special interest and training in Core Process Therapy. Here she introduces Core Process PSychotherapy and writes about her personal feeling about this work. She writes "I was drawn to Core Process Psychotherapy as it rests on a contemplative foundation. While the training is long and rigorous, what is being cultivated is a sense of rest and being in the therapist. From this state of presence/being knowing naturally arises in the mutual field created between client and therapist." Read What is Core Process Psychotherapy? here or visit Susan's website here.

Play Therapy in CApe Town

How does Play Therapy work?A guide for parents

Dr Jana Lazarus and Miranda Wannenburgh of Change Matters (a psychotherapeutic practice in Kalk Bay) write "Few parents know what the inside of a play therapy room looks like during a session – what is happening, what is the therapist doing, and, most importantly, what is your child doing?! Also, how does what happens there work therapeutically, to make your child better? View their profile here or read "How does play therapy work? A guide for parents" here.

Group therapy

Group Therapy

Vincenzo Sinisi, a Clinical Psychologist in Kenilworth Cape Town writes, "There are many reasons why people seek psychotherapy, beginning with the quest for personal growth and discovery and ending with a desire to seek help with emotional concerns." This article explores the option of group-analytic therapy. Visit Vincenzo Sinisi's profile or read the article "Group Therapy" here.
relaxing in response to stress

Effective management of stress and burnout

Dr Adelbert Scholtz, Counselling Psychologist in Belville Cape Town shares his view on stress and burnout. He looks at sources of stress, causes of burnout and provides techniques for managing burnout. Visit Dr Adelbert Scholtz's profile or read Effective management of stress and burnout here.

Next egg - a visual metaphor

Metaphors in psychotherapy

Dr Aharon Segal, Clinical Psychologist in Craighall Park Johannesburg describes the use of metaphor in psychotherapy. This article defines metaphor, explores it's use as a tool of indirect communication and the potential for the positive use of metaphor in psychotherapeutic relationships. View Dr Segal's profile here or read Metaphor in psychotherapy. (And there's no prize for getting the visual metaphor of the accompanying picture)

Fresh vegetables

Cholesterol levels linked to depression in the elderly

Betty Doyle from the blog Depression Pills.net draws our attention to the link between diet and mental health by reporting on research linking high levels of cholesterol with depression in the elderly. Read Cholesterol linked to depression in the elderly here.

Shadow work with men

The Return of the King :Psychological work with men

Jamie Elkon is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Cape Town. Here's an excerpt from his latest article about shadow work with men. "As men we are particularly prone to the construction of fragile (though often quite stupendous) narcissistic defenses, which wait in ambush for unsuspecting travelers upon our life’s journey. Whether conscious or not, we maneuver others onto the traps we have laid and when they snap shut, we puff up with righteous indignation at the injustice of it all, thereby inexorably repeating and reinforcing the alienation with ourselves and particularly with those we claim to love." Read the full article here.

Shadow work with men

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, whose body is the most beautiful of them all? Body image and self esteem

Liane Lurie is a Clinical Psychologist in Johannesburg's northern suburbs. She writes for psychotherapy.co.za about our relationship with our bodies Read the full article here.

What else is new on psychotherapy.co.za?

What is a person? An introduction to 4 major schools of psychological thinking.

by Sue Randall.

The answer to the question ‘What is a person?’ depends largely on who you ask. In this article we will have a look at some of the answers which psychologists might give. There are many different branches within psychology, and people will answer differently based on what school of thought they follow. We will look at ideas from four of the main branches of psychological thinking, the psychoanalytic school, the humanists, systems theory and the cognitive behavioural approach, This is a good article for the layman interested to find out a little more about the theoretical assumptions from which many psychologists proceed. Read the full article.

Chaos theory and eldership

by Yaro Starak

YARO STARAK MSW trained as a Psychologist, Social Work Educator, and Gestalt Therapist in Canada. He established and directed the Brisbane Gestalt Centre in 1979. He is a visiting trainer for several Australian Gestalt Therapy Institutes, as well as in Europe and Canada and worked for many years lecturing in the School of Social Work & Social Policy at the University of Queensland. In this offering Yaro draws on chaos theory, quantum psychology and the shamanic tradition and writes about eldership development. Read the full article

Other notable articles

The difference between psychologists and psychiatrists by Lucille Zwemstra

An informative article detailing the differences in training and expertise of psychiatrists and psychologists. Read the full article

Couple Counselling and Marriage Therapy

A brief introduction for people wanting to take their relationship to a couple counsellor or a marriage therapist. Read more

Metaphors for selected psychological concepts

Dr Coert Mommsen writes about metaphors and their use in psychology. Read the full article

Psychodynamic Orientation to Psychotherapy: A personal account

Recently qualified counselling psychologist Natasha Govender describes her understanding of the psychodynamic perspective of psychotherapy and her journey towards this viewpoint. Read the full article

Other resources for South African psychologists and the public on this site

Psychotherapy.co.za : All News

  Posted By DavidvdW - 2015 February 04 - 8:29am - 0 comments - Edit
Therapy/ Consulting Room in Morningside, Sandton

A consulting room has become available at the Sandton Wellness

The Practice is located at 42a East Road, Morningside and is very
accessible. The Practice is conveniently located close to the
Morningside Medi-Clinic, several GP practices, various schools (such
as Redhill) and Sandton CBD. You will be sharing the Practice
space with three HPCSA registered Psychologists.

Rental is R6,600 per month and includes secure parking for
yourself, wireless internet connectivity and office cleaning as well
as the use of a kitchenette, filing room and communal reception
area. A full time receptionist will welcome your clients, manage
your diary, do your filing, take payments and process your
invoices. Your profile and expertise will be loaded onto the Practice
website (www.sandtonwellnesscentre.co.za).

The room is 7m2, is unfurnished, and has air conditioning. It
would be suitable for a medical, mental health or allied health

If you would like more information or would like to arrange a
viewing, please contact Dr Lori Eddy on 074 248 9141 or at
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  Posted By DavidvdW - 2013 December 03 - 10:34am - 0 comments - Edit



Devil’s Peak; Cape Town

Thursday 16th January 2014
9am till 1pm

R420 for licensed Babies in Mind practitioners
R600 for non-practitioners

Who can attend?

Health practitioners, mental health professionals, psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors, infant specialists, Babies in Mind practitioners, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, etc

For more info
Contact Jenny Perkel 021 4619153 or jenny@perkel.co.za
For more info about Babies in Mind, visit www.babiesinmind.co.za
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  Posted By DavidvdW - 2013 October 08 - 7:54pm - 0 comments - Edit

Effective Relief for Stress and trauma
Using Affect Regulation Therapy

‘Brain states and bodily responses are the fundamental facts of an emotion, conscious feelings are the frills.’ Joseph Le Doux 1998.

Successful recovery from stress and trauma requires a body and mind therapy

Learn ways to use implicit and explicit memory  and discover how Affect Regulation Therapy has these essential benefits for clients:

  • Rapidly improves mood
  • Creates effortless change
  • Achieves a broad range of personality development

Level 1

Affect Regulation Therapy: Benefits, applications, theory and research    Recorded audio lectures  Click here for the brochure

Level 2
Master Brief Affect Regulation Therapy
3 days of practical training
Click here for the brochure.


 8, 9,10 November 2013 or 25, 26, 27 January 2014
Venue: 2 Somerset Close, Parklands, Cape Town

To register go to www.affectregulationtherapy.com or email us at bestmindset@bigpond.com

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  Posted By DavidvdW - 2013 July 31 - 12:35pm - 1 comments - Edit
The Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg is  
a co-educational independent school with 940 learners from Grade 000 to Grade 12, offering South African and German school exit qualifications.  We offer a broad spectrum of sports activities and have extensive sporting  facilities.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified  ndividuals for the following post  with effect from 01.08.2013
(part-time independent contractor)
Selection criteria :
o Relevant qualification from a recognised tertiary institution
o At least 4 years experience as practising educational
o Specialized to work with learners from Grade 5 to Grade 12 
o Leading of solo or group sessions to observe, test and evaluate
the specific needs of learners.
o Assessment of learners’ (intellectual, social, emotional and
scholastic ) as well as school readiness
o Career  guidance 
o Liaising with parents 
o Co-operation with school  management to design, develop and
implement educational and behavioural management
o Maintaining detailed records of  interactions with learners 
o Liaise with Educators to assist in remedying educational and
behavioural problems
o Play an integral role in the development of strategies to improve
academic performance standards. 
o Knowledge of the German language is of advantage, but not
o HPCSA Registration 
The incumbent will have integrity, excellent people and communication
skills and have a strong ability to work as a member of a team. 
Interested candidates should submit a CV, copies of qualifications and
references to:
Ms H. Wizemann e-mail:wizemannh@dsjmail.co.za
Tel: 011 726-6220 
We reserve the right not to proceed with filling this post. An application
will not in itself entitle the applicant to an interview or appointment. 
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. 
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