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Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2009 March 02 | Total Visits: 16406 | Printable version

Mr David Wilson

B.A.,B.A. Hons (Appld. Psych), M.A.Clin.Psych. (Witwatersrand)

Clinical Psychologist

21 Blyth Street
Highlands North
084 3233477

HPCSA Number 0032506 Languages : English
Therapist's age not given
Range of fees Sliding scale
Gender Male

Special Interests

Special Interests

Self Esteem; Identity and interpersonal relating.

I focus on all issues associated with lack of secure self-esteem such as poor body image, problems in self-control, self-realisation and impediments to our development of inner vitality and a capacity for trusting intimate relationships.
Associated symptomatic emotional states I frequently address include: fears of dependency, aggression, rage, shyness, lack of assertiveness and fears of separation and/or abandonment, hypersensitivity to criticism and shame, humiliation, chronic envy, boredom, emptiness, and susceptibility to embarrassment. A lack of authentic purpose, meaning and personal vision is often associated as both cause and effect of psychological deficits in self-esteem. I treat problems in the maintenance of self-preservation functions where psychological issues disrupt fundamental bodily functions such as sleep, appetite and libido, often resulting in psychosomatic problems and physical disease.

Following a thorough assessment of each person’s unique profile, I offer long and short-term individual psychotherapy, parental and couple’s counselling as well as full personality assessments for both clinical insight as well as vocational guidance based on true self-knowledge.
Mood:, Depressive, Anxiety and Stress related issues
I am familiar with the full spectrum of mood disorders, ranging from mild to severe depressive states, and including suicidal and other self-destructive impulses as well as bipolar disorders. Anxiety states are also an area of special interest and expertise, from general non-specific forms, to social phobias, acute panic disorders, and both acute and chronic stress syndromes.

I have specialised extensively in work with adolescents and young adults, these issues, amongst others, often being reflected in conflict between parent and child, authority figures and educational and broader social value-systems. I address emotionally-based inhibitions in realising full academic, personal and social potentials, particularly among adolescents.

Other symptoms common to adolescents include impulsivity, resistance to both emotional and social learning from experience, as well as cognitive or intellectual resistance to learning. Rage, self-destructive acting-out, including self-mutilation, procrastination and motivational problems usually require uniquely tailored interventions.

Attention Deficits in adolescence and Adults

I provide a specific and effective range of treatments for so-called Attention Deficit Disorder sub-groups and associated problems in impulse control.
Addictive behaviours
My extensive experience in the treatment of all forms of addiction, including alcohol and most chemical and process addictions such as sex, pornography, eating, work and gambling, has resulted in evidence of successful outcomes. Latest evidence-based therapeutic strategies provide realistic alternatives to therapies using outdated concepts of addiction as an illness or disease, which may result in ineffective ‘interventions’ which can damage hope in the addict and those involved in their lives. I have developed a special interest in work with ‘techno-addictions’, from mobile phones, gaming, internet, I-pods and, especially internet pornography addiction. I offer emergency post-rehabilitation clinic relapse-prevention interventions.

Other areas of experience include:
Men’s and mature adult issues; fathering, couples counselling, husbands’ role development in the context of social-historical changes to family structures. Sex-related concerns ranging from performance anxieties to gender- related confusion.

Divorce, loss, bereavement, illness, HIV/AIDS, aging, death anxieties.
Training offered in a variety of mindful and other meditation techniques.
Advanced Supervision and provision of psychological theory, skills development, consultation, and seminars for social media, (Newspapers, magazines, television and radio) educators, allied health professionals, lay counsellors and volunteers.
Course development addressing latest critical debates. Involved in academic development via CPD courses and as an academic advisor at Texila American University.

Orientation and approach

I have 25 years experience as a practising clinical psychologist culminating in a unique personal therapeutic style, synthesising, amongst others, theories and techniques derived from modern psychoanalysis, Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, Transactional Analysis, PNI, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I aim to continuously refine and develop my therapeutic skills in the light of the latest research and ongoing practical clinical experience. I strive toward accessing each person’s unique subjective truth, viewing diagnoses as simplified labels that risk mistaking processes for fixed states. My aim is to provide emancipatory self-awareness, that, while taking our human conditioning such as our bodily and socio-economic realities into account, provides us with ways that enhance our capacity for choice. I aim to raise our awareness of our authentic internal truths and needs, in order to discover principles relevant to the realisation of each person’s unique goals in life, rather than simply conforming to social norms. By uncovering our errors in self-observation or self-deception, (technically called defences), we are capable of realising our full potentials rather than unconsciously bringing about the very things we fear through ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ phenomena, which typically operate via our unconscious non-verbal communications to others. The unique human connection possible within the psychotherapeutic encounter with a therapist with whom we resonate may provide not only relief from symptoms, but release from old repetitive patterns and beliefs, uncovering inner serenity and freedom of choice. We have the capacity to learn from experience, and attain inner serenity and joy, rather than being enslaved to the transient external pleasures via the excesses of consumerism and recognition hunger that have become social norms.

Personal Statement

I am especially dedicated to the education of youth and communities and the dissemination of psychological knowledge that critically addresses the interface of psychological, socio-political, ecological and economic problems.

As a doctoral candidate, I am engaged in ongoing critical research and publication, focussing on narcissistic issues and the relationship to numerous social problems such as sexism, racism, addictions and pervasive hankering and insatiability, and the socio-economic factors which are related to the increased incidence of narcissistically related vulnerabilities. I am committed to using the research to provide parents and educators with strategies to counter the onslaught of manipulation of normal human needs for recognition in the service of media and advertising dominated by profit and illusory images of external markers of control and success.

David Wilson is a Clinical Psychologist situated at 21 Blyth Street
Highlands North

 Status Active

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