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Various authors espouse their views about psychology and psychotherapy. Browse, print, review and rate these articles. Please note that the rights to all articles reside with the author.
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Tips, tricks and humour for parents and their kids.
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Psychotherapy.co.za : Articles : Articles

 More Info: Mindfulness  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2012 January 06 | Total Visits: 15470 | Printable version

Taming the mad monkey mind

by Jamie Elkon
Jamie introduces some ideas about mindfulness and meditation. Read Taming the mad monkey mind here

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 More Info: Once will be warriors  
Submitted By administrator | Added on: 2004 March 10 | Total Visits: 11399 | Printable version

Once will be Warriors:

A romantically pragmatic approach to ADD

by David van der Want
In this extract from a PhD thesis under construction, David van der Want briefly reviews James Hillman’s (1997)notion of the "daimon" and illustrates its use as a guiding metaphor in the therapy of Attention Deficit Disorder. Read Once will be Warriors: here

Average Rating 2 Votes
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 More Info: Peak-hour parenting  
Submitted By milla | Added on: 2004 July 27 | Total Visits: 11451 | Printable version

Peak-hour parenting

or: Traffic jam (and other snacks)

by Penny Kokot Louw
A humorous anecdote about parenting a toddler from behind a steering wheel Read Peak-hour parenting here

Average Rating 2 Votes
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 More Info: Personality theory in psychotherapy  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2012 July 20 | Total Visits: 17962 | Printable version

Personality Theory

The use of Johnson’s Character Styles in therapy

by Suzanne Joubert
Suzanne Joubert introduces Johanson’s Character Styles and briefly discusses their application to psychotherapy. Read Personality Theory here

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 More Info: Play Therapy  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2010 November 16 | Total Visits: 17045 | Printable version

How does Play Therapy work?

A guide for parents

by Dr Jana Lazarus and Miranda Wannenburgh
Few parents know what the inside of a play therapy room looks like during a session – what is happening, what is the therapist doing, and, most importantly, what is your child doing?! Also, how does what happens there work therapeutically, to make your child better? Read How does Play Therapy work? here

Average Rating 2 Votes
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 More Info: Psychodynamic psychotherapy  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2010 January 20 | Total Visits: 30148 | Printable version

Psychodynamic Orientation to Psychotherapy

A personal Account

by Natasha Govender
Natasha Govender writes about the development of her personal approach to psychotherapy and reviews the core tenents of the psychodynamic orientation to psychotherapy. Read Psychodynamic Orientation to Psychotherapy here

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 More Info: Psychology and immigration  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2009 October 10 | Total Visits: 13850 | Printable version

Psychology and Immigration

by Dr Aharon Segal
Dr Aharon Segal writes about the psychological issues involved in immigration. Dr Segal is a Clinical Psychologist in Craighall PArk in Johannesburg. Read Psychology and Immigration here

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 More Info: Response to Is Love enough  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2009 November 02 | Total Visits: 12466 | Printable version

Love is enough

A response to Is love enough

by Dr Jana Lazarus and Miranda Wannenburgh
David van der Want writes accessibly and movingly about why love hurts so much, and the opportunity that this pain brings us, to discover ourselves. He calls for more writing about mature love. We are interested in the steps between these two positions, because not many of us, despite therapy, know how to get to the place where we stand side by side and look outwards at our lives in harmony. Read Love is enough here

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 More Info: Return of the King  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2010 July 04 | Total Visits: 19614 | Printable version

The Return of the King

Psychological work with men

by Jamie Elkon
As men we are particularly prone to the construction of fragile (though often quite stupendous) narcissistic defenses, which wait in ambush for unsuspecting travelers upon our life’s journey. Whether conscious or not, we maneuver others onto the traps we have laid and when they snap shut, we puff up with righteous indignation at the injustice of it all, thereby inexorably repeating and reinforcing the alienation with ourselves and particularly with those we claim to love. Read The Return of the King here

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 More Info: Sharon Louria  
Submitted By SharonL | Added on: 2009 March 25 | Total Visits: 11662 | Printable version

Continuing Professional Development


by Sharon Louria
Ambivalent feelings of a professional with regards to CPD points Read Continuing Professional Development here

Average Rating 1 Votes
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