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Psychotherapy.co.za : Articles : Articles

 More Info: Theory of personhood  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2011 November 08 | Total Visits: 16886 | Printable version

A theory of personhood

by Cheryl Pruss
A critical and evaluative account of the author’s view of the person
and how this impacts on her understanding of optimal
functioning and the process of therapy.
Read A theory of personhood here

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 More Info: Three lenses and borderline personality  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2008 October 30 | Total Visits: 11416 | Printable version

Three lenses and Borderline Personality Disorder

Towards a narrative metaphor

by David van der Want
The essential feature is .... instability in a variety of areas, including interpersonal behaviour, mood and self image..... Interpersonal relations are often intense and unstable. Frequently there is impulsive and unpredictable behaviour that is potentially self damaging. A profound identity disturbance may be manifested by uncertainty about several issues relating to identity, such as self image, gender identity or long term goals and values. There may be problems tolerating being alone, and chronic feelings of emptiness and boredom. (Extract from DSM-IV: The clinical picture of Borderline Personality Disorder) (APA, 1994)
How may I fault thee? Let me count the ways: impulsive personality, malingering, reactive depression, anorexia, mania, attention deficit disorder, psychopathia, external control orientation, low self-esteem, narcissism, bulimia, neurasthenia, hypochondriasis, dependent personality, frigidity, authoritarianism, anti-social personality, exhibitionism, seasonal affective disorder, transvestism, agoraphobia (Gergen, 1994, p. 148).
Read Three lenses and Borderline Personality Disorder here

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 More Info: Trauma, addiction, and recovery: A Titanic event  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2010 April 18 | Total Visits: 13381 | Printable version

Trauma, addiction, and recovery: A Titanic event

by Dr Jana Lazarus
With this article Dr Jana Lazarus (who used to be an actress) goes to the movies. She is assisted by her colleague, Miranda Wannenburgh, who specialises in addiction and recovery. In a series of three consecutive papers, Dr Lazarus briefly examines three popular films and the invaluable messages they hold for us as survivors of childhood trauma. Read Trauma, addiction, and recovery: A Titanic event here

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 More Info: What is a person  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2010 April 18 | Total Visits: 18239 | Printable version

What is a person?

An introduction to 4 major schools of psychological thinking

by Sue Randall
Freelance writer Sue Randall of briefly describes the basics of the psychoanalytic, humanist, systems theory and cognitive behavioural theory schools of psychological thinking. This article is a good place for a layman to get the basics of the theoretical viewpoints from which many psychotherapists proceed in their work. Read What is a person? here

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 More Info: What is depression  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2011 January 20 | Total Visits: 19964 | Printable version

The Black Dog of Depression

by Jamie Elkon
Jamie Elkon provides useful basic information about depression, how to assess it and what kind of help is available. Read The Black Dog of Depression here

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 More Info: Why choose psychotherapy  
Submitted By DavidvdW | Added on: 2012 November 19 | Total Visits: 13470 | Printable version

Why choose psychotherapy

What’s the point

by Dai Heyne
Dai Heyne, psychologist and Core Process therapist describes the work of psychotherapy and the importance of the therapieutic relationship. Read Why choose psychotherapy here

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 More Info: Work / Life Balance  
Submitted By KKELLY | Added on: 2007 September 29 | Total Visits: 9607 | Printable version

Work / Life balance

Overcoming guilt

by Karen Kelly
How to achieve work / life balance without feeling guilty. Read Work / Life balance here

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