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Psychotherapy.co.za : News Items

  Posted By DavidvdW - 2012 November 20 - 3:48pm - 1 comments - Edit

It appears that scam artists are targeting psychologists.

The scam is a simple one and works like this.

An individual calls and makes an appointment sometimes on behalf of someone else. This crooked character  then says that he would like to pay in advance and asks for banking details.

He then deposits a fraudulent cheque into your bank account and provides you with an emailed or faxed deposit confirmation which may be the confirmation from the bank where the cheque was deposited or a forged internet banking transfer confirmation.

The crook then calls you back and says that he has accidentally deposited 54 000 rand instead of the R540 for the consultation and proceeds to tell a more or less convincing story about how this happened. For example he might say that his accountant had to pay a building supplier the larger amount and then got the two account number s mixed up.

He then says that he will be most pleased if you refund him the money and he provides you with a bank account number.

The unwitting psychologists (after all we deal in trust) then make the deposit and the next day the fraudulent cheque bounces and the crook has run off with your money.

Please be aware - your account may reflect the massive deposit that the ruffian has fraudulently deposited. It will all disappear the next day of course but for that brief moment, your bank balance might look a lot healthier.

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Psychotherapy.co.za : News comments

Posted By dannerup on 2012 November 20 at 6:07pm
I have had all of three people trying to pull that scam on
our practice in Linden, the first one back in 2006. Luckily
I was aware of the clearing time for cheques and
insisted on waiting for the cheques to first clear. The
bank pursued the first fraudster. Unfortunately I don't
know what happened in that case, I never heard from
the bank on the issue. Anyway, take care and keep
safe. You work hard for your money, don't let anyone
take you for a ride.

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